Our story began in 2017 with a very eager and determined founder who wanted to create a brand where people would feel celebrated and valid in who they are.  Years later, as we launched (during a pandemic, nonetheless), we are growing, but need help to keep that momentum going.  Anxiety Cosmetics has a very important message to spread on the importance of Mental Health, especially in an industry that isn't always supporting in your self-esteem, self love, and body positivity.  We are changing the narrative, slowly but surely, of what is to be expected with a beauty brand, and to show people they should love exactly who they are.  

Our products bring together Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free Beauty formulated with the highest quality ingredients, and infusing them with Cannabidol (CBD).  We believe in the positive effects of incorporating CBD into your everyday beauty routine.  

CBD is a deeply penetrating anti-inflammatory powerhouse: a regenerative, adaptogenic antioxidant that fights free radicals and rebalances the skin to tackle both wrinkles and acne. 


Our Mascara Difference

Vegan, Cruelty-Free

Free of Parabens


Nourishes Lashes

Stimulates Lash Growth

Uniquely formulated to deliver 2X more intense pigments

Supports Mental Health Awareness

Fragrance Free


We have painstakingly and intently worked on formulation for 2 years, creating a product that works effortlessly for everyone. 


CBD is a deeply penetrating anti-inflammatory powerhouse, a regenerative antioxidant that fights free radicals and rebalances the skin, while being a vegan alternative that helps condition and nourish your lashes!

Mental Health Message

A portion of the proceeds of every product sold is donated to help with research, education, care, and raising awareness on Mental Health & Disorders.

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Our unique products are for everyone.  Inspired by our founder's struggles with Anxiety, we are a brand who has throughfully curated every part of our brand identity and products.  Colorful, creative, and inspired by what we see and feel everyday, each product represents the hope of brighter days ahead, messages of self love and that there is hope for whatever you are feeling or going through.  Our ambition is that they’ll inspire you too.


Highly Pigmented, Super Silky and feels luxurious. I am really loving these products!!

Taylor H.

This brand is amazing. This was actually my first EVER CBD Purchase, and it didn't dissapoint. If their next products are anything like their glosses, you are in for a treat. I am in so excited to watch this brand grow.

Syndie L.

Seriously, I was a bit skeptical because I hadn't heard of them before, but I did my research on the brand and decided to buy. This is quality. The gloss is smooth on your lips and feels like butter. It is just that moisturizing. Worth every penny.

Chloe B

The brand messaging really got me to buy, and I was intrigued, but the product quality has kept me as a customer. The formula of this is top notch.

Brittany C

I love CBD Products, so when I found this brand I was excited to try it out. Not dissapointed at all. It's one of the best glosses and the best products I've ever purchased! That's saying A LOT.

Kayla F.

I wear these glosses every single day. That says a lot. They are quality products and they nourish your skin. Anxiety Cosmetics is changing the (beauty) game.

Shayla B.

The message of the brand is close to my heart and the products are amazing!!! I cannot wait for their next products. I am a customer for LIFEEE.

Lauren B.


Meet The Founder

The name of the brand is close to my heart, because I have suffered from anxiety since I was young. At a point in my life, I didn’t want to leave the house, or go to school. Over time, I figured out what the best methods for me are to cope with it, and fight against it. For me, that includes my faith, having the right people in my life, realizing my worth, working on my confidence, and focusing on what is important to me. Anxiety has absolutely made me stronger, and has given me outlooks on certain things in life that I am very thankful to have. Anxiety Cosmetics has a mission to start conversations about mental health, beauty, positive self-esteem, and acceptance. That is why a portion of the proceeds of every product sold is donated to help with research, education, care, and raising awareness on Mental Health & disorders. Anyone who struggles with anxiety, or any other type of mental struggle, I will not pretend to understand your situation, but coming from someone who has been there, I stand with you. I support you and I promise that there is light in those dark clouds. Go find it. XOXO,


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